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Title: التسوية القضائية للمنازعات الدولية المتعلقة بقانون البحار
Authors: الباح, حنان
صوفيا, شراد
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2017
Publisher: univ-biskra
Abstract: The resolution of maritime disputes is of great importance at the international level, in view of the unique nature of the dispute which makes it different from the other disputes raised in the framework of international public law, it must have the means to deal with its solution in a manner that preserves its privacy because it is complex and difficult because of its technical nature, And in that regard they needed legal experts, lawyers and technicians for this area of disputes. The Montego Bay Convention of 1982 provided the means for resolving such disputes through the text of article 287 of annex VII of the Convention for the settlement of disputes concerning their interpretation or application by: 1.The International Court of Justice for the Law of the Sea, established in accordance with Annex VI; 2.International Court of Justice; 3. Arbitration Tribunal established in accordance with Annex VII; 4. A special arbitration tribunal, which is constituted in accordance with Annex VIII of the category or categories of dispute specified therein. "
Appears in Collections:Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques (FDSP)

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