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Title: سلطة النيابة العامة في جرائم الفساد
Authors: العنيد, محمد زيد
محدة, فتحي
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2017
Publisher: univ-biskra
Abstract: Public Prosecution plays an integral role in criminal suit of action represented in the authority of accusation to ensure the application of law, beginning with the prosecution of the criminal case and proceeding it until a verdict is issued. Within the framework of legislation policy of prevention and crime combat, in general, and corruption cases in particular, the search of an end to crime and the application of law requires a balanced system that allows Public Prosecution Apparatus carry out its function freely and efficiently. This can be done by forming and organizing the Public Prosecution Apparatus and the extent of transparency and the ability of Public Prosecution employees and members in dealing with obtained information about crimes, in addition to Public Prosecution Apparatus’s relation with other bodies that work within crime combat framework to the maximum powers and capabilities given to this body within the scope of implementation of its work and tasks, and the ability of this body in overcoming obstacles facing it. In the view of corruption crimes and the degree of privacy it has, to effectively perform its functions, Public Prosecution requires greater efforts than of that in ordinary crimes. This is what the Algerian Legislator seeks within its criminal policy framework for preventing and fighting against corruption.
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