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Title: Design and configuration of VoIPConception et configuration d'un environnement de communication téléphonique sur Internet VoIP
Authors: MEFTAH, Younes
Keywords: VoIP
IP telephony
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2018
Abstract: VoIP is a set of protocols for voice transport over IP networks, several tools have emerged around this protocol,systems and software that are capable of managing communications with digital telephones, analog telephones and also provide the PBX hardware PBX functionalities, gateways with suppliers of VoIP services and other advanced functionalities. The project will consist of the installation (software and hardware necessary) and advanced configuration (call forwarding, communication of groupse) of a system based on the asterisk free software and VoIP protocols, as well as the virtualization of service, for easy portability in different systems. The objectives of this project are: to know the VoIP protocols, and become familiar with the existing software and hardware for this set of protocols, in addition to exploring their possibilities of implementation in networks corporate.
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