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Title: الحصار-الدولي-دراسة-قانونية-سياسية
Other Titles: تخصص قانون دولي و حقوق الانسان
Authors: نعيم, المولود
نموشي, نور الدين
Keywords: the Rome Statute
the Gaza Strip
The Security Council
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2018
Abstract: The international siege is legal and political study of the international siege of the most foggy concepts like aggression, terrorism, and here the penetration of political interests in international law and international relations, sees states manipulate the legal terminology the way in accordance with the vital interests of the act itself, describe the characteristics of several using the policy of double standards and under the coordination of the Organization the strongest in the world. So dealing with the researcher in the first chapter of this study, the conceptual framework and thematic clusters, and started the establishment of the concept of the siege, and in trying to adjust the concept of the international siege , he referred to the distinction between the concepts of distance, as measures of the Security Council and economic sanctions and the province, and the unilateral measures and aggression and how it was adapted to a law in accordance with the Charter and the Rome Statute. Then seals chapter terrible effects left by the international siege. Chapter II of the study, the researcher highlighted the two models of the siege was the first in the Siege of Gaza Strip applied since 2006 by the Zionist entity, the study also provided substantive vision of the Gulf crisis, which started in05 June 2017. Where guest demonstrate that they represent a second model the international siege in this search.
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