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Title: Synthèse et caractérisation de nouveaux complexes de métaux de transition: Les analogues de bleu de Prusse
Authors: BENDAIKHA, Mohamed
Keywords: Sonochimical synthesis
Prussian blue
hexacyanoferrates (III)
Transition metals
Prussian blue analogs
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This work aims at the synthesis of complex ferricyanides transition metals (copper, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and cadmium) by sonochemical method and characterization of these complexes by spectroscopic technique (FTIR), diffraction x-ray (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The characterization of these samples by (IR) states affirms the presence of two types of binding iron-cyanide, Fe III–CN and Fe II–CN in complexes Cd3 [Fe (CN) 6] 2. x H2O, Ni3 [Fe (CN) 6] 2. x H2O and Mn3 [Fe (CN) 6] 2. x H2O, from the redox process, which is not the case for complexes Co3 [Fe (CN) 6] 2. x H2O and Cu3 [Fe (CN) 6] 2. x H2O Where we see only one type of iron binding cyanide Fe III-CN. The analysis by X-ray diffraction shows that our complex ferricyanides transition metals (Cd, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu) are polycrystalline. The indexing phase Cd3 [Fe (CN) 6] 2. x H2O and Mn3 [Fe (CN) 6].x H2O, by the program DICVOL06 shows that they are iso-structural and crystallize in the cubic system with lattice parameter a = 10.6628 (Å), a = 10.5072 (Å ), respectively, which corresponds exactly to the bibliography and the identification of three phases ferricyanides copper, cobalt and nickel was made with the data base powder diffraction PDF/2. Analysis by scanning electron microscopy confirms the homogeneity and polycrystallinity of these complexes wich size is between 0.7 μm and 3 μm. SEM image of Mn3 [Fe (CN) 6].x H2O shows crystallites of cubic shape with sizes between 0.73 μm and 1.32 μm, which is already established by XRD.
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