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Title: Elaboration et caractérisations physico-chimique des couches minces de sulfure d’étain par spray ultrasonique: Effet des sources d’étain
Authors: KAMLI, Kenza
Keywords: Thin films
Tin sulfide
Ultrasonic spray
Physico-chemical properties
electrical properties
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This research focuses on the development and characterization of thin films of tin sulfide prepared by ultrasonic spray. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive study on the effect of the two deposition parameters (source of tin and molarity) on the physico-chemical properties of this material. This work has been divided into two series one on using tin chloride IV as a source of tin and the other on using tin chloride II as the source, and varying the molarity in the two series. Subsequently, the two series were characterized by different methods. Finally we can deduce that tin chloride IV is a source for the SnS2 variety, and the most useful molarity is 0.06 mol/l, however for tin chloride II ho’s a source of SnS2 and SnS, it was found that, the best molarity is 0.05 mol/l.
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