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Title: Contribution à l’étude des hyménoptères parasitoïdes associés aux pucerons des plantes ornementales : cas de la ville de Biskra
Authors: Hemidi, Widad
Keywords: parasitoids
tri-trophic associations
Issue Date: 10-Jan-2013
Abstract: This prospective study is a contribution to a broad inventory of parasitoïds of aphids associated with ornamental plants in the major parks of the city of Biskra. Eighteen species of Hymenoptera parasitoids collected from 10 aphid species accurring on 15 plant species were identified. Among these parasitoïds, 11 species are primary. The latter are: Aphidius matricariae, A. colemani, A. ervi, A. transcaspicus, Aphidius spp., Trioxys angelicae, T. acalephae, Diaeretiella rapae, Ephedrus persicae, Praon volucre et Lysiphlebus testaciepes. A total of 53 tri-trophic associations: plant-aphid-parasitoïd was recorded in the city of Biskra. Information on some parameters (parasitism rate, emergence rate, hyperparasitism rate and sex ratio) are presented and discussed in relation to the ecological characteristics of habitat
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