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Title: Effet de l’adition de Zr sur la structure de la solution solide Ba0.9Mg0.1TiO3
Authors: Bouarrouguene, Imane
Keywords: DRX, perovskite, structural characterization
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: In the electronics industry same as telecommunication (television, telegraph, capacitors, etc.), ceramics constitute the most widely used materials because of their remarkable piezoelectric properties and very low costs. The objective of our work is the elaboration of ceramic materials Ba0.9 Mg0.1TiO3 and see the effect of Ti4+ion substitution by a small amount of Zr4+. The samples were prepared in solid form at 1180 ° C with a heating rate of 2°C/min and a holding time of 4h and 6h. Different analytical techniques were used for this study such as X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), IR analysis and laser granulometry. The DRX and IRFT analyzes confirm that the material obtained is of pure perovskite structure. When the solution does not contain zirconium we observe a coexistence between both tetragonal and orthorhombic phases for the holding time 4h but for 6h the structure becomes tetragonal. With the addition of a small amount of zirconium, we notice the coexisting of the orthorhombic phase and the tetragonal phase for both the holding times. So adding a small amount of zirconium influences the BMT structure and also decreases the average particle size.
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