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Title: Suivi du développement des palmiers dattiers issus de noyaux de quelques variétés (du 22 au 24 mois) dans la région d’ El hadjeb (Biskra).
Authors: BAHI, Salima
Keywords: Phoenix dactylifera L , IPRGI, Seedlings, Nucleus, Mech Degla, Deglat Nour and Ghars.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Abstrect The date palm, (Phoenix dactylifera L), it a plant of ecological, economic and social importance for many dry land countries. Our work is based on the morphological description (according to the IPIGRI descriptor) of the nuclei of three date palm varieties (MecheDegla, DeglatNour and Ghars) and the follow –up of the development seedlings resulting from the semi of these nucleus. Observations of some morphologic parameters are carried out for three months (February-March-April) from the 22th month. The results show that there are differences between the development of the seedlings, with respect to the varieties on the one hand, and the morphologic differences of the nucleus of another part. It is differences in the number of palm, the length of the thorny part of the fins, the length of rachis,the length and width of petiole in the first leaf, are explained by the morphology of the nuclei (shape, color, surface appearance, length and width), as they also explained by the varieties its self.
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