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Title: Activité insecticide des extraits foliares d'Artemisia herba-alba Asso contre Ectomyelois ceratoniae Zeller (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Authors: BENALIA, Khaoula
Keywords: Ectomylois ceratoniae, Artemisia herba-alba, effect, essential oils, LD50, LT50.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Abstract In this work we have tested the ovicidal, adulticidal and larvicidal effect of essential oils of Artemisia herba-alba against the date moth, Ectomylois ceratoniae. The contact treatment of eggs of E. ceratoniae by Artemisia herba-alba essentials oils leads to an hatching rate of 90% for the low dose and 16,67% for the high dose. The hatching rates are all low compared to the hatching rate of control ( 96%). Statistical analysis shows that the effect is significant at the concentrations 80μl/ml and 160μl/ml. For adults, essential oils of A.herba-alba has a marked insecticidal effect. This translates into a mortality rate of the order 100% at the high concentration 160μl/ml in a period of time 10min (LD50=18μl/ml ; LT50=2,45min) and 96,66% at low concentration 10μl/ml in a period of time 20min (LD50=0,09μl/ml ; LT50=12,88min). The evolution of larvicidal activity on L5 of E.ceratoniae, revealed a significant sensitivity to oil. This sensitivity is translated by the mortality rate of the larvae that reach 100% to concentration 160μl/ml for a period of time 60min (LD50=22,90μl/ml ; LT50=14,13min) and 13,33% to concentration 10μl/ml for a period of time 100min (LD50=12,02μl/ml ; LT50=870,96min). The results of this study demonstrate that essential oils of A.herba-alba has a lethal effect on individuals of E.ceratoniae.
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