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Title: Contribution à l’étude de l’effet antioxydant et la toxicité aigüe de différents extraits de Pergularia tomentosa L
Keywords: Antioxidant, Toxicity, Polyphenol and Flavonoid
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Abtract The objective of this study is to evaluate the antioxidant activity and augie toxicity of the water(Aq) and methanolic (Meth) extract of the plant Pergulariatomantosa. The aqueous extract is obtained by decoction and the hydroalcoholic extract by maceration in methanol. the antioxidant activity was evaluated using the DPPH and FRAP test. In the first step, the total polyphenol content was determined by the Folin-Ciocalteu reagent: 22.37 +/- 2.38 and 12.33 +/- 1.46 (μg EAG / mg E) in aqueous extracts and methanol, respectively. Flavonoids in summer evaluated by AlCl3 method.Their content 2.86 +/- 0.43 and 8.44 +/- 0.42 (mg EQ / g E) in the extracts AQ and Meth, respectively. Moreover, the two extracts have a reducing activity, free radicals and Fe3 + ions. Acute toxicity of our extracts are tested on males albino swee mice that injected orally at 2dose (1000, and 2000 mg / kg) of the extract AQ and Meth, the result showed that according to the classification Frank 1992. the substance or the extract tested is slightly toxic if the LD50 value is between 500 and 5000mg / kg., do not notice the signs of intoxication, weight growth, slight effect on the biochemical and tissue parameters of liver and kidney.
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