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Title: Effets du stress salin sur la germination de quelques variétés de blé dur (Triticum durum Desf.).
Authors: HARZELLI, Hadjer
Keywords: durum Wheat, Salt stress, Germination, NaCl.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Abstract In arid and semi-arid areas, salinity is one of the main factors responsible for the degradation and reduced productivity of agricultural lands. By their excessive salt concentration, the saline soils constitute anunfavourableenvironment for the growth of several bowls of cereal plants. Our work is generally related to the study of the comparative effect of salinity on the germination of three varieties of durum wheat: Hedba, Bidi 17 and Belyouni. The seeds are germinated in Petri dishes containing increasing concentrations of salt (NaCl) from 0 g / L, 5 g/ L, 10 g / L,15 g / L.The study showed that salt has a depressive effect on the studied parameters. The Belyouni variety was the most tolerant of salt stress for the following parameters : germination rate, germination kinetics, average germination rate and germination rate. For the growth parameters and the mobilization of the reserves, the Hedba variety stands out as the most tolerant of salt stress. However, the Bidi 17 variety remains the most sensitive to salt stress for all the parameters studied.
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