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Title: Contribution a l'etude des maladies du palmier dattier (PHOENIX DACTYLIFERA L).dans la région de Biskra
Authors: Kherfi, zahia
Keywords: strategies fight, investigation, biskra, diseases date palm.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: As part of our study on date palm pests and diseases, we conducted a field survey based mainly on a census and an evaluation of the potential damage caused by diseases attacking the date palm and its date production and knowing the Averages to control these diseases in some areas of the region during (February-April 2018). This study is made on 1913 palms distributed in the palm groves of the following areas : Sidi Khaled, Doucen, Khanguet Sidi Nadji, Tolga.It revealed the following diseases and pests: Disease Boufaroua 93, 97%, White Cochineal Disease ,81.47% Moth disease of dates 50, 03%, Disease rot of the inflorescence 4, 54% Disease Palm whitening 38, 2% Disease Yellowing of palm 25,46%. Thus the variety is more infected compared to the variety Ghars and Méche Deglat. The research on the past and the various medium-sized disease control stratégies by the previous agriculteur practiced us two types of found physical fight (or preventative) and chemical.
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