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Title: الإدارة الموقفية و تطبيقها في الإدارة العمومية الجزائرية
Authors: حدار جمال
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The world today featuring by great unprecedented openness and interaction between units of formal and informal, domestic and international, public organizations and private organizations, individuals and communities .. Etc.., Evolution of globalization and expansion prospects led to increasing impacts to the environment in various forms and sources of the organizations and administrative entities at various levels. Although some effects of the environment within the scope look like normal' , routine and expected, some effects are unexpected ,sudden and dangerous that may be a challenge and a threat to the entity management and administrative organizations and sometimes even on the society as a whole, according to a German thinker Ulrich Beck community as a community of crises in a book of the same title in 1986. From this standpoint the importance environmental approaches of management increased, and which intervention within situational management', especially since the seventies of the twentieth century with the criticism of the school systems and traditional approaches of studying the management science. Situational management has positive features as flexibility and efficiency but can has certain weaknesses and imbalances in the field of application., But in the end are necessary to make administrative organizations free and effective and able to adopt and manage the challenges caused by the environment no matter how difficult, In Algeria increased objective motives to make public administration more open and efficient and able to deal with the environment variables that models which we studied bodies involved in the scheme ORSEC and how to make it, as well as the Commission created to manage the flu from the origin of birds during an outbreak of the disease at the global level significantly in 2006 Attention to situational management not only by circumstance management effectively , flexibly , an open style and perhaps new, and not only with material readiness, rather than psychological readiness and construction of expertise (an exercise) as well as the effective alarm system, in addition to strategic planning and sustainable development taking into account the balance between the various parties environmental challenges whatever their sources, forms, and its influential power
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