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Title: Excel method applied on power flow Analysis
Authors: Chabbi, ADEM
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2017
Abstract: Abstract In this paper we present the methodology used in the development of Power Flow Program in Power grid using two methods: the first algorithm the method (Newton-Raphson) The second method algorithm (Gauss-Seidel) Of the Excel (VBA) program with a graphical interface for a quick implementation of the execution time is less, unlike the only traditional digital methods proposed in a way each time. These algorithms give all the calculations to find the angles Tension, and the values of the power and the values load and losses all buss, and compares the execution time to each numerical methods. The application of the proposed method (Excel program method) on the 14 bus power grid and verified solutions that were obtained with the MATLAB program. That uses both algorithm (Newton-Raphson) and (Gauss-Seidel) simulation results. The results of the simulation applied to the satisfactory Power grid Keywords : Power flow, Gauss-Seidel method, Newton-Raphson method, MATLAB , Excel (vba). Execution time
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