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Title: إعادة هندسة العمليات كمدخل لتميز إدارة الموارد البشرية
Authors: خان أحلام
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: In light of the changing environment and the rapid developments taking place in the business organizations, and as a result of intensive reliance on information technology, it has become imperative for organizations to research for new management methods adapted to the current environment and the final elimination of the traditional methods, which is provided by the adoption re-engineering processes method. This latter represents a revolution in the world of business and an explicit invitation to revisit all the Organization, processes and procedures and functions to achieve tangible improvements and radical changes in the various fields in general, and in human resources management in particular, thus contributing in the development, excellence and achievement of the value expected. In this paper we will try to focus on the nature of the relationship between the re-engineering method and human resources management, and how it is necessary for organizations to re-engineer human resource to achieve excellence.
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