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Title: The inhibition effect of Gum Arabic (GA) On the corrosion of carbon steel in HCl medium.
Authors: LOUAFI, Ahmed
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2016
Abstract: Corrosion not only has economic implications, but also social and these engage the safety and health of people either working in industries or living in nearby towns. In the past, chromates were the most commonly used inhibitive pigments. However, due to their high toxicity, many studies have been devoted to the development of more environmentally acceptable organic coatings. It is certain that natural compounds emerge out as effective inhibitors of corrosion in the coming years due to their biodegradability, easy availability and non-toxic nature. Careful perusal of the literature clearly reveals that the era of green inhibitors has already begun. In our study, we focus on the effectiveness of Gum Arabic on the corrosion of pipeline transport of oil in the center of hydrochloric acid in the presence of an oxidizing iron is to a degree of oxidation equal to three. The results show that GA is a good inhibitor in 1 M HCl. The maximum percentage inhibition efficiency was found to be 92% at 2 g/L . Keywords: Corrosion, chromates, toxicity, inhibitors, biodegradability, green inhibitors, Gum Arabic.
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