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Title: Etude de l’inhibition de la corrosion de l’acier X60 en milieux acides HCl par l’huile essentielle de romarin.
Keywords: Essential oils, Rosemary, Corrosion of X60 steel, Corrosion Inhibitor
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: In the present work, we have set ourselves to follow the study, using gravimetric techniques, of the corrosion inhibition of X60 steel by the essential oil of rosemary in HCl 1M . The results of mass loss has a good agreement.. The results obtained showed that the rate of corrosion decreases as a function of the increase in the concentration of the added oil and stabilizes from a value of 1.5 g / l of rosemary oil. To this effect the corrosion inhibitory efficacy reaches a maximum value of about 81.197% after the addition of rosemary oil after a tim = 24 h.
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