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Title: Prédiction par modélisation moléculaire la stéréoséléctivité de certaines reactions d'aldolisation
Keywords: Aldolization reactions; stereoselectivity; FMO; Ab-initio; Transition state.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: The work presented in this thesis aims to study the stereoselectivity of the aldol reaction. The theoretical study was conducted using the following approaches:  Theory of Frontier Molecular Orbitals (FMO).  Theory of Transition State (TST). The FMO theory makes it possible to study the chemical reactivity of two types of enolates, E- and Z-enolates with formaldehyde in the aqueous phase and in the gas phase. The Zimmerman-Traxler model has been used in modeling the transition states of different aldol reactions. This study makes it possible to predict the major stereoisomers of the aldolization reactions.
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