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Title: Contrôle de qualité des sirops à base des plantes médicinales contre La bronchite et la toux
Authors: Djouama, Amira
Keywords: Bronchitis - Cough - Syrups - Natural extracts - Quality control
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: A respiratory disease is a disease that affects the organs of the respiratory system. Smoking, toxins, pollen and air pollution are the main factors in the onset of this disease. Some respiratory diseases are fatal, many are chronic. The more familiar terms of "bronchitis in the diagnosis of COPD. The latter must be detected early to be treated early. The treatment is based on the elimination of respiratory toxins (tobacco, toxic professionals), bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and at more advanced stages, aerosoltherapy, oxygen therapy or even non-invasive assisted ventilation. The objective of this work is to evaluate the quality of syrups based on different medicinal plants to treat bronchitis and cough. This study is dedicated to check their organoleptic characteristics (appearance, odor, color, ...), determination of density and viscosity, followed by analysis by thin layer chromatography TLC, to detect the presence of some constituents. The last check is done to check the packaging and labeling of each sample. From the results obtained in this study, it can be said that the selected syrups are in the exact norms of conformity.
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