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Title: اثر_ادارة_الوقت_في_تحسين_اداء_العاملين_دراسة_حالة:_مؤسسة_اتصالات_الجزائر-بسكرة
Authors: همامي, الجمعي
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2018
Abstract: This study aimed at clarifing the impact of time management on employees’ performance level at algerie telecom of biskara.the study sample consisted of (93) employees. The data was collected through the survey questionnaire covering the five main variables which constitute major element of time management. The researcher utilized the (Kolmogorov-Smirnov) test and the and standard deviations and Pearson coefficient. The study revealed that there is an impact of time management on employees’ performance level; the results also indicated that the allocation of specific time for the work of the planning time is one of the most important factors of good time management. With regard to the level of staff performance level, results of the study indicated that the level of employee performance is directly influenced by the successful management of time. The study concluded the most important set of recommendations in holding training courses for staff in the field of time management, and the need for workers using the tools of time management and attention to morale of the workers.
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