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Keywords: Ambience
conceptual model
sensorial living
analysis method
characterisation of architectural space
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2013
Abstract: More and more, Ambience is shown as a notion which is building up as a particular field of the urban and architectural research. It gives more importance to the user and situated him inside a place centred problem without loosing the place spatial and technical aspects. Ambience emphasizes the sensorial living of a space and associates the physical signals emitted by the place various components to the user’s perceptual and behavioural pattern in respect of the users’ characteristics and their context. The complexity and variety of these association components requires that they should be well understood and their relationships well controlled in order to a better comprehension and exploitation of the Ambience in the fields of urban and architectural research, practice and design training. This investigation suggests a conceptual model for the Ambience which could be helpful to give it a good scientific basis
ISSN: 1112 - 3338
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