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Title: انعكاسات_تقلبات_أسعار_البترول_على_السياسات_الاقتصادية - في_الجزائر_خلال_الفترة 2000-2017
Authors: وكواك, صبرين
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2018
Abstract: As an economy of algeria depends heavily on oil the economic policies adopted as well on returns oil.its path will change with change oil prices,this study is aimed at showing reflections fluctuation oil prices on economic policier at algeria during the period 2000-2017, where she saw this period high and low the oil prices and it settles it change in financial resources of oil on which both depend economic policy tools of monetary policy and trad policy and financial policy, algeria is therefore facing special challengesin managing of its economic policy, not only because oil prices are volatile and difficult to predict,but also because they have to plan when oil will be implemented, uncertainty about oil revenues and implication for economic policy short and long-term.
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