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Title: دور إدارة المعرفة في استثمار رأس المال البشري. دراسة لعينة من شركة سونلغاز بأم البواقي.
Authors: خلالفة, حنان
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Study Summary: This research is a modest study to show the role and importance of knowledge management in the investment of human capital at the level of business organizations and take the example of Sunlagaz Foundation in Oum el bouaghi, in order to focus on the themes and contents of this topic, , As we identified through this research the need to determine the level of knowledge required for business organizations. We also highlighted the advantages and difficulties of implementing knowledge management related to strategic problems of multiple dimensions, depth and complexity, and outlined the relationship between knowledge management and investment in human capital, which is the basis for building the success of institutions and creating distinctive institutions that ensure their survival and status in the environment. Forty-five questionnaires were retrieved in order to examine them, ie, none of them were subject to the conditions. Which constitute a percentage of the total study in the company Sunlgaz and we relied on the analysis of data on the program and using scientific methods, we found the results of the existence of a relationship of significant impact on the statistical between knowledge management and human capital in various operations also. Finally, recommendations were made to the institution in question to take care of knowledge management as well as interest in the human resource. Key words: Knowledge Management, Al Bashir Capital, Knowledge Management Operations, Al Bashir Capital Operations, Sonalghaz Foundation, oum el bouaghi.
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