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Title: دور_ادارة_المعرفة_في_تحسين_الرضا_الوظيفي_-دراسة_حالة_مديرية_التوزيع_الكهربائي_و_الغاز(سونالغاز)-بسكرة
Authors: بعیسى, حلیمة
Issue Date: 4-Jun-2018
Abstract: The aim of this study was to test the role of knowledge management, which was measured by (knowledge generation, knowledge sharing, knowledge storage and application) in improving job satisfaction, which was measured by (job characteristics, professional relationships, material and social level) A soft sample was selected for a group of distribution staff of Sonalgaz Biskra, where 50 employees were collected from the initial data through the questionnaire. 50 questionnaires were distributed and 45 were retrieved and 2 excluded,in addition,our study based on interview in the result interpretation After analysing the data study using the statistical analysis program, Their measurement varied The results confirmed that both knowledge generation and storage have a direct impact on improving job satisfaction rather than sharing and applying knowledge, which have no direct impact on improving job satisfaction. The study presented a range of interpretations and relevant recommendations.
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