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Title: أهمية الاعتماد على الصكوك الإسلامية كبديل تمويلي لتطور المؤسسة الاقتصادية -دراسة حالة مطار محمد خيضر بسكرة-
Authors: خليل, طه_برهان_الدين
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Abstract: This study presents the idea of Islamic bonds as an important new financing instrument the financing of the enterprise economic ،،and explains the potential role of these instruments as a reliable financing alternative. Islamic Sukuk is one of the Islamic finance products that is working to develop the Islamic capital market، especially in terms of hedging against investment risks. In addition، Islamic Sukuk contributes to providing the necessary liquidity، attracting new traders as well as the original dealers. To facilitate dealing in the capital market at the global level and thus achieve stability because of the fairness and security of the customers. The study found that Islamic sukuk proved to be effective in providing some of the bonds that it failed to provide. The sukuk enabled governments to finance various economic and development projects because of their diversity and diversity Keywords: Islamic Financial Engineering، Islamic Sukuk، The enterprise economic
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