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Title: مدى تأثير الخدمة المصرفية على سلوك المستهلك دراسة مقارنة بين الخدمات المصرفية التي تقدمها البنوك التقليدية والبنوك الاسلامية
Authors: زعيط, عادل
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Abstract This research is an attempt to examine the ability of banking services to influence the behavior of Algerian consumer, based on the characteristics of each type of services provided by the banking system in our country. Considering, for that, the comparison between the services supplied by traditional banks and those provided by Islamic ones, as a basis, to knowing which, among them, is the most capable of attracting consumer and urge him to make a purchasing decision. We refered, also, to three dimensions derived from the factors affecting the consumer’s behavior, that must be available in the product to be accepted by consumers; the first one was the utilitarian dimension which means the material benefits for the consumer, the second is the relegious dimension which reveals to what extent the banking service agrees with the beliefs and trends of consumers, and the last one is of the social dimension, which includes social needs that can be met by banking service that suits the consumer’s social environment. In order to determine this, we explored the opinions and trends of a random sample of 63 consumers, who expressed their views on banking service through a questionnaire containing 39 questions centred on the three dimensions mentioned above. The data were processed using the statistical tools, and obtained the following results ; • Members of the study sample find that the specifications and characteristics of the available banking service provided by banks in Algeria, do not encourage them to purchase and use their product. • The members of the study sample considered that the compatibility of banking services with the provisions of Islamic Shari’a is the most important criterion to rely upon in making decision whether to purchase or not.
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