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dc.contributor.authorKAHLAT Nadjoua-
dc.description.abstractThe present research which is entitled:" For a communicative approach of explicit teaching–learning of French grammar" puts in the interest for the communicative approach as a manner with that the teacher could proceed in order to lead on good terms the grammatical activity in foreign french language (FFL) class. That, after be examined the process of teaching–learning of grammar in a FFL class, it is affirmed that the teacher often looks into the grammatical explanation in order to accede his learners to the comprehension of the working of French. In fact, this explanation can be carried out with different manners on adapting so-andso method of teaching–learning of grammar. That is why the grammatical progression in a process of explicit teaching–learning of grammar differs according to any way; it might be incompatible to the level of learners; such as the case of the grammatical explanation according to the traditional method for learners on advanced levels. This method, as it were, permits to produce grammatical sentences from learning the rules of usage; these one could not accede learners to carry on a conversation with broadness and safety; that is because these rules of usage don't include pragmatic relation of speech. Therefore, the teacher couldn't reduce his explanation to the rules of usage which build watertight frontiers between language and its use in situation....en_US
dc.subjectlearning expliciten_US
dc.subjectapproach communicativeen_US
dc.subjectRules of use and rules of usageen_US
dc.titlePour une approche communicative de l’enseignement-apprentissage explicite de la grammaire françaiseen_US
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