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Title: Matériaux vitreux des systèmes à base d’oxyde de tellure et d’antimoine : synthèse et caractérisation
Authors: Goumeidane, Fayçal
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The value of studying new glassy systems is multiple. First, it is hoped lead to glass compositions more stable vis-à-vis the devitrification, which is a sensitive glass technology. Then there is the made to broaden the field of exploration and pave the way for new properties. Our job is to identify areas of glassy systems several oxide-based heavy. A knowledge-based systems of antimony oxide Sb2O3-MoO3-M (M= PbBr2, PbCl2, MnO, LiBO2) and systems based on tellurium oxide: TeO2-LaOBr, TeO2-NbCl5, TeO2-BiOCl, TeO2-SrO-M (M= PbCl2, AlCl3), TeO2-SrCl2-NbCl5. Thermal analyzes of all samples obtained, either in binary or ternary, were performed to determine end of the characteristic temperatures of glassy samples and evaluate the stability criteria. Density and ultrasound measurements of these glasses were also measured as a function of concentration. The luminescence spectra of glasses based on antimony oxide doped with rare earths have been made
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