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Title: Etude comparative pour le calcul du gradient hydraulqiue dans les conduites circulaires en charge en regime turbulent rugueux
Authors: OMARA, Said
Keywords: Coefficient of friction,
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2018
Abstract: This workwasinterestedexclusively in the comparisonbetween the relations giving the hydraulic gradient obtainedpursuant to the relations of Darcy - Manning-Strickler, Williams- Hazen and Achour-Bedjaoui. Workconsists in evaluating the hydraulic gradient for values of the flows, diameters, roughness of each control beingknown. The values used for the comparison are those of bedjaoui 2010 obtainedafterwards tests at the laboratory of the department of Hydraulics of the university of Biskra.
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