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Title: بنية الزمان و المكان في رواية "زهرة العوسج " لراضية قعلول
Authors: العمري, سعيدة
معموري, خديجة
Issue Date: 22-Jun-2019
Abstract: ABSTRACT: This study is targeting of extracting the time and place in this novel of ZAHRET ELAWSEJ its author is radia kaaloul and she made the structure of the Novel . Moreover , the research based on a structure method because it is considered an assistant in pointing on different structures, and also in relying with other methods which posed themselves according to the nature of the study. This research is divided according to a method that contains of an introduction and two chapters , the introduction tackled a prior notions about the structure , évents, place and time. The chapter one treated the structure of time in the ZAHRET ELAWSEJ Novel. The chapter two treated the place in this Novel .In the conclusion was the part of results about the study . To conclude, we hope that this research will be tackled again according to different studies and shed lights on RADIA KAHLOUL works.
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