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Title: المعوقات والتحديات التي تواجه التعليم الافتراضي الجامعي – التجربة الماليزية والعربية
Authors: سناء عبد الكريم الخناق
Keywords: virtual reality
virtual university
virtual university barriers
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The Challenges and Barriers Faced the Virtual Universities – Malaysian and Arabic Experience The Virtual Universities overcome the geographical, social, economic and even the psychological barriers, which may impede the educational process in the community, also to promote and ensure the continued the development of the knowledge society, but it still suffers from some of the challenges. The research seeks to solve the problem by raising the following question “what are the challenges and difficulties faced the education process in the Virtual of Universities?” The research aims to categorize the most important challenges faced by The Virtual Universities in general, Malaysian and Arabic Virtual Universities in particular. One of the research findings was the Malaysian and Arabic Virtual Universities are facing challenges and difficulties in their work. Moreover, there are some differences in the nature of these challenges between them
Description: -جامعة ملايا – ماليزيا
ISSN: 1112-7902
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