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Title: دور رأسالمال البشري في تحقيق الميزة التنافسية للمؤسسة حالة الشركة العالمية للفندقة و الإطعام فرع بسكرة CIEPTAL
Other Titles: ادارة الموارد البشرية
Authors: طيري, عبد الرزاق
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: This study examines the role of human capital in achieving competitive advantage and aims at determining the relationship between human capital and competitive advantage in terms of quality, flexibility, cost reduction and quick response. We conducted the field study at the international company for food and catering CIEPTAL Biskra State branch, Based on CILAS cement company located in the road of the link between Hammam Sidi Haj and Jamoura. In order to verify the relationship between the independent variable (human capital) and the dependent variable (competitive advantage), we designed a questionnaire and interview. The questionnaire data were analyzed using SPSS V22 statistical processing. The hypotheses were also tested. The results of the results include : The international company for food and catering CIEPTAL Biskra branch of the state has a high human capital, and the quality of services provided by the company has won the trust and confidence of its customers. The answer to the hypotheses of the study proved that there is a strong relationship between the role of human capital and achieving M Competitiveness of the International Catering and Hotels Company (CIEPTAL) Biskra Mots clés: : human capital, competencies, skills, knowledge, competitive advantage, cost, quality, flexibility and responsiveness
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