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Title: دور الإبداع التكنولوجي في تحقيق أبعاد المسؤولية الإجتماعية
Other Titles: اقتصاد و تسيير مؤسسة
Authors: بعداش, حنان
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: This study aimes to discover the role of technological innovation to achieve the dimensions of social responsibility through studying a sample of the managers working in the maintenance department Sonatrach -Biskra- Where 101 questionnaires had been distributed and 99 were retrieved in order to analyze the data in the questionnaire by using the statistical package for science (SPSS) based on arithmetical averages, standard deviations, Pearson correlation coefficient. The study is based primarily on two variables, the independent variable which is the technological innovation, and the dependent variable which represenets the social responsibility and It consists of three sub-variables: economic dimension, environmental dimension, social dimension. In the conclusion of the study, we found that the institution is a case study that is interested in technological innovation and it has three dimensions of the social responsibility, the study proved that there is a statistically significant relationship between technological innovation and social responsibility in its three dimensions. key words: Technological Innovation, research and developmeent, Patent, Social Responsibility, Stakeholders, Maintenance Department Sonatrach-Biskra-.
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