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Title: Une approche adaptative pour les Services Web
Other Titles: informatique
Authors: lefgui, feirouz
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: Adapting to the user profile is intended, on the one hand, to facilitate the expression of the user's needs and to search for information on a subject by discarding irrelevant information and thus considerably reducing the search space of the user. And, secondly, to make this selected information intelligible and exploitable to the user. The relevance of the information is not generalizable to all users. It is defined by a set of criteria and customizable preferences specific to each user or community of users presented by a specific profile. In this work, we have been interested in adapting the result of web services according to changing user profiles where we have tried to propose an agent-based approach for web service adaptation. In order to validate this approach we have implemented a case study using the eclipse IDE and the jade platform. Keyword: Web service, adaptation of services, profile of user, artificial agent.
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