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Title: دراسة تحليلية لتطبيق الرسائل العلمية في مجال الإدارة لحل المشكلات الإدارية في المؤسسات السورية بين الواقع والطموح في تطبيق شعار ربط الجامعة بالمجتمع
Authors: د.طاهر حسن
Keywords: applied research
management problems
linking the university community
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: By us on many of the theses in the field of management, especially as regards the aspect of applied or field studies them, and found it generally a one-way, meaning that the researcher is heading to the organization concerned the application requesting acceptance of and extending the data on the assumption that the problem of deliberate During the researcher to inform the reality of the organization or the sector concerned. In the area of management and applications raises the question: Is there a real application of our research management on the ground? In other words, do not apply research findings and recommendations of the administrative institutions in question? Based on these questions, and will focus our search to preview a range of scientific research carried out in the field of management in a number of academic institutions in Syria to try to identify the extent to which institutions
Description: جامعة دمشق
ISSN: 1112-7902
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