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Other Titles: informatique
Authors: ben amar, ali
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: The present work aims to design and to implement a pervasive system based on business processes. This system is composed of both a mobile and a web application. The use case has been chosen as a car rental agency. The building approach covered the analysis, the design and the implementation phases successively. The analysis phase identifies the interne and the extern business processes, also the system’s components. The design phase elaborates the most suitable UML diagrams. Then jumps into the implementation phase that builds two main applications using the most suitable software tools and these applications are: first, a web application to give to the company an advanced tool for sharing its business process as services provided to its customers. Second and since our system is meant to be pervasive anywhere at any time, a large accessibility has been given to our users by also building a mobile application apt to be manipulated by these users. Keywords: business process, modeling, UML, web application, mobile application, pervasive systems, car rental.
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