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Title: تأثير إستخدام الألعاب المصغرة في تطوير بعض المهارات الأساسية في كرة القدم لدى الناشئين أقل من 13 سنة
Authors: بسكري رابح
Keywords: - Mini Games.- basic skills .
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Abstract: The objective of the study: it aims to determine the extent to which the use of mini-games in the development of some basic skills in football for young people under 13 years old. ▪ General Hypothesis: The use of mini-games positively affects the development of some basic football skills for youngsters under 13 years . ▪ Community and sample of the study: The research community is represented in the youngstersof the Biskra football championship for the 2018-2019 sports season, which numbered 190 players. The researcher chose a target sample of 20 players from the amateur club,star of Zeribet El Oued . ▪ Study Methodology: The researcher used the experimental method using the one-group experimental design - Using tribal and remote measurement ▪ Tools used:30-second tantit test, running test in curvilinear line between cones, ball correction test for farthest distance, scroll accuracy test ▪ Main results: The use of small games has a positive effect in the development of some basic skills in football for young people under 13 years old ▪ Suggestions: - The need to use mini- games in the training programs for young people because of their positive impact in the development of basic skills - the need to choose the content of mini-games in accordance with the nature of the space of these playgrounds - the need to use mini-games and linking them to the physical and skill in the provision of training courses for qualitative performance.
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