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Title: Conception et réalisation d’un système de protection et d’assurance de vie privée sur les Bigdata
Other Titles: informatique
Authors: leksouri, maria
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: Big Data is defined by the technologies and methods used to harvest, store and analyze a large volume of data from multiple resources. This data can be the information that Internet users leave on the Web or the connected objects, as well as the data internal to the company or general information. The goal of Big Data is to successfully correlate these data with each other, in time. Real, to draw analytical conclusions and make the right decisions. On the one hand, it is an important asset for professional organizations and governments for decision-making on the other hand Analysis of these data Demands confidentiality and anonymization of data to protect the privacy of individual sensitive information and for assured security against hackers. This work aims to protect and ensure the privacy of big data. For this we proposed a new system that includes various components, taking into account the different security criteria and characteristics of Big Data. In order to show the proposed system feasibility, we have developed a prototype that will solve the problems mentioned above. Keywords: Privacy, Big Data, Privacy, Anonymization
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