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Title: انتشار عدوى الأزمات المالية
Authors: أ.د بن بوزيان محمد
أ. سمية زيرار
Keywords: Financial crises
Speculative Attack
Crises Models
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Our paper investigates for the crises contagion phenomenon among different financial markets, so, for this purpose we begin this article by presenting the recent American financial crises and giving the main real causes which lead to financial collapse. The second section implies some contagion channels and models explaining the crises event, such as the first generation model that is concerned with the transition from the fixed exchange rate system to the flexible exchange rate system (devaluation of domestic currency), and in this model we show how can the monetary authorities defend its exchange parity by using the foreign reserves or surrender and let it floating. Then we examine some literature reviews about contagion and financial capital movements between different countries. These studies enable us to known the important real economic variables that are used to define the contagion phenomenon
ISSN: 1112-7902
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