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Title: The Interrelationships of Organizational loyalty, Organizational Justice , and Group Cohesiveness of Public Sector Employees' in Kuwait
Authors: Ph.Dr. Mohammad Qasem Ahmad Al-Qarioti
Ph.Dr. Hamed Suleiman
Keywords: organizational loyalty
organizational loyalty
procedural justice
distributive justice
group cohesiveness
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The main objective of this survey research is to examine the interrelationships of procedural justice, organizational justice cohesiveness, personal characteristics and organizational loyalty. The study reports responses of (470) government employees from four government organizations from various sectors in the State of Kuwait. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire containing standard scales of organizational loyalty, distributive justice , procedural justice and group cohesiveness. Four hypotheses were tested and validated by the data. Results show that procedural justice have a low positive significant relationship with organizational loyalty (r =.097) at a (0.05) significance level, in comparison with distributive justice which has a moderate significant positive relationship (r =.225) at a (0.01) level with organizational loyalty, and group cohesiveness which have a moderate significant positive association (r =.203) at a (0.01) significance level with organizational loyalty. But with regard to the relationship of personal characteristics and organizational loyalty, the data provided only partial support......
Description: Freih Kuwait University
ISSN: 1112-7902
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