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Title: المتطلبات التعليمية والتنظيمية لاستحداث الجامعة الافتراضية: التجربة الماليزية
Authors: د. سناء عبد الكريم الخناق
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The Virtual University is always aiming to moving the activities of Higher Education to the Environment of Distant Education. In addition, establishing flexible rules, regulations and environment of a Virtual campus where the Students and Instructors can connect and get along with each other through Information Communications Technologies, using synchronous and asynchronous interactions online. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to determine the main requirements which have to be taken into consideration to start a Virtual University. Moreover, to recognizing whether the Malaysian Virtual Universities (Tun Abdul Razak) have gone through in terms of reflecting those requirements that have been defined as a base to establish such Universities. These requirements are considered as indicators for the decision-makers in the field of High Education when it comes to decide setting a Virtual University up.
Description: جامعة ملايا - ماليزيا
ISSN: 1112-7902
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