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Title: الأبعاد التداولیة في روایة "كوكب العذاب" لشهر ازد ازغز
Authors: بن ریغي, سهام
بن ریغي, صارة
Issue Date: 22-Jun-2019
Abstract: The Summury : The flexibility of the délibérative lesson and the multiplicity of its mechanisms, and its aim to achieve the intention of the speaker in order to ensure the success of the communicative process, between the speaker and the recipient within certain communicative premises, is what led him to enter the world of literary discourse in all its forms, whether poetry or prose, A form of human communication. The theme of «The Dimensions of the Tale of the Planet of the Sacrifice by Shahrazade Zaghz » is a study of the use of linguistic mechanisms employed by Shahrazade zaghz in her speech, such as : refernces , preconceptions, verbale actions and dialogic invocatio,in order to reach and influence the thinking mind.
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