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Title: خصائص العمارة العمودية/ المشروع: مركز اعمال
Other Titles: Architecture et Urbanisme
Authors: wanissi, kais
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: This research is part of the vertical architecture studies in order to try to apply their characteristics in the business centers in the framework of many objectives, including the integration of the project in the adjacent urban environment, the vertical separation of jobs, which are arranged from year to year, achieving an internal environment that works successfully and efficiently, On renewable energy sources (solarization and wind), use the interior lobby to provide both natural lighting and ventilation. Therefore, a methodology has been adopted in several steps. First, the theoretical research that defines and clarifies the basic concepts of the studied work, namely the first concept of vertical architecture and the second concept, the characteristics and principles of vertical architecture. Second, the analysis is based on two elements: Business centers from the architectural, architectural, functional and technical aspects. 2 - understanding the principles and applications applied in the design of the business center and third analysis of the programmed land for the completion of the business center. It led to the structuring of the memorandum, which contains three main elements. First, it is an introduction which includes several elements: general introduction, problematic subject matter, hypothesis, objectives, conceptual analysis, research methodology and work plan. Second: The theoretical part contains two important chapters: Chapter I deals with the concepts of vertical architecture while the second chapter provides various concepts related to the vertical design of the business center. Third: The applied part and contains in total two chapters: Chapter III discusses the general analytical study project business center and chapter IV deals with the stages of the implementation of the project business center.Finally, this research culminated in the completion of a business center in Algiers with an area of 32000 km² according to the characteristics of the vertical architecture and its principles, which gives an important addition to the design of this type of projects
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