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Title: Thème : Festive light Projet : Multimedia Library
Other Titles: architecture
Authors: chettouh, charafeddine
Issue Date: 20-Jun- 201
Abstract: Lighting has always played a key role in the definition and formation of architecture. It also considered as a vital element in the process of visual perception of architectural formation. As the public buildings of different types of service, cultural and sovereign are distinctive architectural and important for all because they are the focus of the public, and frequented by the majority of the segments of society. It seeks to highlight and show them and to shape their identity and strong presence as an active actor within their urban framework. The importance of continuity of this interaction was not only during the day. It was necessary to study the night lighting as the source of the night vision .The festive lighting is one of the most important sources of architectural creation, and one of the most important concepts associated with the concept of architectural identity, The public buildings are the most important features of the city and the main tool to move development in its various forms economically, socially and academically. The festive lighting of public buildings helps to develop the community by re-energizing the city and attracting visitors, creating a spectacular and modern night scene that can transform the city into an exhibition that inspires a sense of beauty and inspiration. To create a successful balance between lighting and architecture, it’s important to remember three key aspects of architectural lighting: • Aesthetic, it’s where designers determine how they want people to feel when they walk around a space, exterior lighting draw the intention of the citizens into the building. • Function, we want the lighting to look a certain way, but we have to also make sure it serves its most important purpose to help us see. Areas should be illuminated so occupants feel safe when navigating in the project, which should create a feeling of reassurance. • Efficiency, the final aspect is very important in today’s age of green building and sustainability movements. This can be done by assuring reducing the amount of wasted light will make the building more efficient. To ensure their full success, it is preferable to be the main element in the design idea of the project and not an addition at the end. Key words: Light, Night lighting, Night scene, Public buildings, Festive light, Culture, Architecture.
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