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Title: Exotisme et Voyage dans ‘Un Eté Dans Le Sahara’ d’Eugène Fromentin Membres du
Other Titles: Langue, littérature et civilisation
Authors: turqui, azzedine
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2019
Abstract: The present research work is a study of the novel ‘Un Eté Dans Le Sahara’ elaborated by the French painter and novelist Eugène Fromentin. The type of research methodology that we have adopted is the analytical kind of investigation. Our work is based upon a major hypothesis which stipulates whether the notion of the dichotomy exotism and travelling is homogeneous or heterogeneous. The structure of our dissertation is conceived around two major parts: the first part consists of the analysis of the corpus which is represented by the novel itself. The second part deals with the study of the literary genre and the style of the writer in terms of characteristics, the information displayed and the development of the writing process. Indeed, our work takes into consideration a number of some essential notions; namely, exotism in literature, the narrative-descriptive novel, the concept of the image-word interconnection and; finally, the link between the arts of painting and writing. The outcomes of our research work can be summarized in two major points: the first is the confirmation of the positive interrelationship between exotism and travelling. The second is the evident utility of this book within the literary and linguistic perspectives for the students of French at university level.
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