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Title: Exploring Students Needs, Wants, and Lacks in learning English for Tourism and Hospitality The Case of Tourism students at Fadhila Saadane Institute Biskra
Authors: Chennoufi, Soumaya
Keywords: foreign language, tourism and hospitality, case study, ESP, approach, needs, lacks, and wants, needs analysis, communication, conversation competence.
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Abstract Since teaching and learning foreign languages in general is important, teaching and learning English lanugage has a special importance. The English language has been the main language for one of the most flourishing businesses, which is tourism and hospitality. In Algeria, the language is considered as a secondary subject in this field. In this study, the researcher opts for discussing tourism and hospitality English, This focus comes because of the sharp evolution of the tourism and hospitality industry which influence the English language which is the common internationally used language in international tourism in the twenty-first century. Thus, the researcher discusses theoretically English for specific purposes , then conducts a case study investigation at Fadhila Saadane institute biskra .He takes advantage of the nature of the case study approach to use a variety of research instruments namely questionnaire, and interview,to elicit the learning needs ,lacks, and wants. For this, the researcher conducts a needs analysis process to determine learners’ target and learning needs to help them avoid any breakdown of communication and ensure they use the language well in the future. The research results indicate a need for conversation competence especially on routine situations where they really need the english language, for instance in hotels and restaurants. The researcher recommends focusing on the practice of the oral language by listening to native speakers and to watch films in addition to audio visual practice, for reaching fluency and communicative competence, and to fulfil the language requirements of oral expression.
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