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Title: The Role of The Peer Tutoring Strategy in Improving Pupils Writing Performance: a case study of fourth year pupils at Ahmed Redha Houhou middle school Biskra
Authors: Homsi, Besma
Keywords: Peer tutoring strategy, writing performance.
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2019
Abstract: Abstract The present study attempts to investigate the role of the peer tutoring strategy in improving pupils‟ writing performance. Thus, we hypothesized that if peer tutoring is implemented in the writing class, their writing performance will be improved. To test this hypothesis, a descriptive study is conducted beside a qualitative method to gather and analyze data. Two data collection tools were selected. A questionnaire was designed and administrated to thirty Middle school pupils, who were divided into tutors and tutees during English classes in order to gather their perception toward Peer Tutoring as a learning strategy. Besides, a classroom observation was conducted on pupils of fourth year class at Ahmed Reda Houhou Middle School in order to determine the role of peer tutoring during examination. From the findings obtained out of the two data gathering tools, it can be conclude that pupils‟ writing performances have improved through using the peer tutoring strategy. At the end of this study, some recommendations were proposed based on the research findings.
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