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Title: المداخل النظرية لدراسة محددات السلوك السياسي
Authors: زدام يوسف
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The third wave of democracy in the eighties and nineties of the 20th century enhanced the appearance of political and legal mechanisms which have affected the nature of the statecitizen relationship ;among which the most remarkable are those of civil society, political participation, human rights ... However, many thinkers have considered that the new democracies being limited to political participation's formalities, ie, non- effective mechanisms. Considered as political behavior's orientations and its different theoretical and practical causes, the theoretical analysis of the various patterns of political culture assumes that all the attitudes on the political process is a part of general attitudes. This leads to the idea that the system including such processes can't be explained as an empty existing topic.....
ISSN: 1112-8623
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