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Title: موجة التحول الديمقراطي في بلدان العالم العربي : الخلفيات و الأبعاد
Authors: عبد الحق فكرون
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Occur thinker "Samuel Huntington" waves of democratization in thé world, especially with thé collapseof thé socialist camp, And pointed to thé waves of anti-this transformation across'many views of thé universe, and did not elaborate in this study in thé affairs of thé arab word but thé noticeable that this wave has arrived recently to our countries and that snowball effect becameclear in thé last term. The accélération of events in thé direction of democratization or thé "democratization" of Arab countries to open our appetite to go into this subject that draws thé attention of researchers, politicians and decision-makers within thé framework of a permanent aspiration towards change - each according to his perspective, of course - But thé question in this context and on thé Arab world in particular.....
ISSN: 1112-8623
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